• Uniswap-Fee-Cal

    Tzu Yang Chuang
    Uniswap Fee Calculator is a tool for you to get the approximated fee APR from every trading pair on Uniswap. Currently it supports Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Users can easily expand the supported trading pairs and chains by editing the config file.... Show more

    Created by Tzu Yang Chuang

  • Dononymous

    Nicole Yeh
    Dononymous allows you to donate anonymously, and ensures your donation always aligns with your interests.... Show more

    Created by Nicole Yeh

  • NFT Pool Party

    NFT Pool Party
    Enables you to launch your NFT collection on Uniswap & earn ongoing income streams from royalties (again). Used v4 Hooks to create NFT IDOs and gave the power back to the creators to control their royalties.... Show more

    Created by nftpoolparty

  • Pedestal

    Alejandro Lopez
    A social trading platform where users create contests for them and their friends to compete in.... Show more

    Created by Alejandro Lopez

  • BestBuy

    Norika Kizawa
    Exclusive discounted swaption market for NFT holders. Swap of 2 different ERC20 currencies.... Show more

    Created by Norika Kizawa

  • DeSavings

    Nashid Shah
    DeSavings is an automated savings tool designed to help you create a savings plan for your incoming transactions. Make your wallet "react" to receiving tokens and automatically convert them to your desired currencies based on a split set by you.... Show more

    Created by Nashid Shah

  • CypherSwap

    Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee
    CypherSwap is a P2P coordination mechanism that replaces VC dependency with direct commerce between creators and collectors. Using custom Uniswap hooks, it validates milestones with NFTs, uses Lens for social vetting & integrates Lit for conditional signing + token-gated access.... Show more
  • UniHedge

    Alexander Lee
    Onchain impermanent loss insurance for Uniswap V3/V4 liquidity providers.... Show more

    Created by Alexander Lee

  • Blockhead NY23

    Blockhead NY23
    Darryl Yeo
    Blockhead is a universal interface for the crypto/DeFi/web3 ecosystem. Now includes an alternative interface for Uniswap V3 in a compact design!... Show more

    Created by Darryl Yeo

  • Uniswap V4 6909

    Uniswap V4 6909
    JT Riley
    migrate uniswap v4 from erc-1155 to erc-6909, saves hella gas, reduces hella codesize.... Show more

    Created by JT Riley

  • A Pool Party

    A Pool Party
    Luke Foster
    An OmniChain Single Sided Liquidity Provider designed for maximum capital efficiency and ease of use! Utilizing Uniswap v4 hooks & Hyperlane's cross-chain messaging service.... Show more

    Created by Luke Foster

  • DFA

    Derrick Wilson-Duncan
    A Decentralized, secure, fast, hassle free, and cost effective 2-Factor Authentication method.... Show more
  • Axiom LP Mgmt

    Axiom LP Mgmt
    A Uniswap v4 hook and position manager to enable trustless LP modification with Axiom. Modifies positions on Uniswap pools automatically so that LPs can passively make better returns.... Show more

    Created by saucepoint

  • ReCentFi

    An AI-powered platform to reward eco-friendly action. Users pick up trash, upload videos for verification, and gain exclusive access to β€˜clean’ Uniswap pools with verification gated hooks added to them.... Show more

    Created by KaiStryker

  • Arb Controller

    Arb Controller
    A Uniswap v4 hook that sets dynamic fee for a pool based on the price movements. The dynamic fee partially discriminates informed order flow from arbitrageurs.... Show more

    Created by ziyincody

  • LiquidityChain

    Thomas Han
    Intent-like decision tree is on Uniswap and it is enabled by the Uniswap V4 hooks!... Show more

    Created by Thomas Han

  • Saave Swap

    Saave Swap
    David Mendoza
    Saave Swap (pronounced 'Savvy Swap') is a product that offers portfolio managers an asset-efficient method of hedging crypto exposures. Users can short assets without having to fully collateralize the position, within Aave’s collateral requirements.... Show more

    Created by David Mendoza

  • VannaSwap

    Matthew Wang
    An ML-driven AMM DEX on the Vanna Blockchain that uses on-chain regression models to compute optimal fees/spreads to protect liquidity providers from impermanent loss and reduce LVR.... Show more

    Created by Matthew Wang

  • 0xY

    Borrowing protocol offering put-protected term loans that protect against price liquidation. A Uniswap V4 pool implements custom hooks that lends to the protocol whenever the price moves out of range for a user's LP.... Show more

    Created by NPrada

  • Captain Hooks

    Captain Hooks
    Mehdi Rhouzlane
    Building modular hooks that enable better tradFi adoption with UniswapV4... Show more

    Created by Mehdi Rhouzlane

  • TimeConcentrate

    Joseph Schiarizzi
    Concentrate liquidity along price and now TIME with uni v4 hooks.... Show more
  • Fixed Protocol

    Fixed Protocol
    Thomas Redfern
    Fixed is a subscription based, zero cost trading product on Uniswap for stable swaps designed to increase capital efficiency and limit sandwich attacks. Using Uniswap Hooks, Unbound and Safe, Fixed allows traders to pay subscription to access 0 fee stable pools with no gas fees.... Show more

    Created by Thomas Redfern

  • sndwch_protocol

    Eashan Dubey
    This protocol proposes a novel method to mitigate Sandwich Attacks in DeFi using Uniswap V4's action hooks. By detecting potential malicious transactions at the contract layer, the protocol secures trades and improves fairness of DEXs.... Show more

    Created by Eashan Dubey

  • NYCV4Hermit

    suha jin
    Prevent Liquidity Snipping for protecting Liquidity Provider.... Show more

    Created by suha jin

  • Caerus Chain

    Caerus Chain
    Mingi Kim
    πŸš€ Meet Caerus! Revolutionizing... Show more

    Created by Mingi Kim

  • Index Friends

    Index Friends
    Daniel Ortega
    Index Friends are elevating DeFi investing! Investors explore top portfolios, while strategists profit from expertise through dynamic NFTs that grow in value with portfolio success.... Show more

    Created by Daniel Ortega

  • Lime

    Kohshi Shiba
    Active Hooks Manager with Offchain Pricing Mechanism / Bringing institutional grade profitability to onchain liquidity.... Show more

    Created by Kohshi Shiba

  • Pepetuals

    Paul Geeser
    Leveraged perpetual futures for everyone and everything. Go long or short on any asset and make Pepe proud.... Show more

    Created by Paul Geeser

  • Fair Trade

    Fair Trade
    A Uniswap v4 pool that launches tokens with safety guarantees for future token holders and traders. Designed to be a hook to be added to pools to protect against shit-coin ruggings.... Show more

    Created by batoulalkarim

  • DaiCA

    Haireti Hairoula
    Set and forget, recurring, and onchain automated swaps from Dai to Ether.... Show more

    Created by Haireti Hairoula

  • LightWallet

    Neil Chen
    LightWallet is designed to empower the visually impaired by granting them seamless and direct access to their crypto wallets through voice commands.... Show more

    Created by Neil Chen

  • KrossChain

    Deep Nimesh
    You now have your control over the Non Fungible tokens by saving your preference on chain.... Show more

    Created by Deep Nimesh

  • Vol Analyzer

    Vol Analyzer
    Andy Lee
    Social Media analytics dashboard creator for viewing impact of social media posts on past token price.... Show more

    Created by Andy Lee

  • UniV4 CCLP Hook

    UniV4 CCLP Hook
    Uses Uniswap V4 to create a hook that seamlessly transfers the user's LP to another chain, without them having to worry about bridging or anything else.... Show more

    Created by cesarhuret

  • V4 Hook Fuzzer

    V4 Hook Fuzzer
    Kyle Hegeman
    The goal of our project is to create a framework to make it easier for UniswapV4 hook developers to test their hooks using stateful fuzz tests. The framework builds upon the fuzz testing capabilities of Woke , a Python package for testing Solidity smart contracts.... Show more

    Created by Kyle Hegeman

  • Porta

    Porta is a platform bridges bot and user wallet. It allows bot notifying users via telegram message when certain event is triggered and send tx_request to user wallet dirrectly.... Show more

    Created by CHEN JHONG

  • tAAke Five

    tAAke Five
    Sooyoung Lee
    tAAke five, an Interactive DeFi platform, dramatically improves DeFi investment UX. We empower users to make smarter, easier choices to invest. Liquidity Providers can execute multiple complex transactions in a SINGE CLICK to invest in UniswapV3 using Account Abstraction.... Show more

    Created by Sooyoung Lee

  • MEVictim Rebate

    MEVictim Rebate
    Allows you to identify MEV victims using historical onchain data which then airdrops the victim a token to use in a Uniswap v4 gated pool on where they can get a rebate when providing liquidity.... Show more

    Created by mliuuu