EthCC Paris Hookathon

  • Hedge

    Risk management strategies using hooks. The project showcases how hedging mechanisms can mitigate price volatility risks in a trader's portfolio.... Show more

    Created by vanillaHill

  • Median Price Oracle

    Median Price Oracle
    An initial exploration of a median price oracle that is more resistant to manipulation than TWAP. It includes an approximation algorithm where a running median can provide substantial gas efficiency on both read and write.... Show more

    Created by saucepoint

  • Dynamic Fee

    Dynamic Fee
    Adjusts with the goal of cutting LP losses to arbitrageurs, and an implementation of a shared fungible liquidity position (similar to a vault).... Show more

    Created by ArrakisFinance

  • Trading Hours

    Trading Hours
    Traditional market opening/closing hours to a Uniswap v4 pool using a beforeSwap hook. Users are only able to trade between 8am and 4pm.... Show more

    Created by bennoprice

  • Impermanent Loss Hedge (Makemake)

    Impermanent Loss Hedge (Makemake)
    A hook to explore ways to hedge impermanent loss for LPs by buying out of the money call options on the underlying asset. When liquidity is added to the pool, the hook is called & executes a purchase of the req. amount of calls in Lyra options protocol.... Show more

    Created by makemake-kbo