ETHGlobal London

  • Partycles

    Partycles is a web3 hook that incentivizes DEX usage through lottery emission for both swappers and liquidity providers... Show more
  • Pocket LimitOrder

    Pocket LimitOrder
    Our dapp implements a LimitOrder hook as a stop-loss mechanism for Pocket users... Show more
  • The Incredible Hook

    The Incredible Hook
    Swapping on Ethereum can be very expensive, and users often abandon the idea of buying a token they like. This is no longer the case, thanks to the arrival of the incredible hook: swap without paying gas fees and buy the token you want. Get your transaction sponsored in exchange for a discount on swap fees for the sponsor, a win-win deal.... Show more
  • LvrShield

    We fix LVR (loss versus rebalancing, esp. wrt CEX) in Uniswap v4 pools by distributing the arbitrage MEV back to LPs. We achieve this with v4 hooks that utilise external SUAVE calls to run credible second-bid (Vickery) auctions for top-of-block swap rights.... Show more
  • Apeful

    This Hook facilitates the Uniswap V4 hooks to create a new kind of incentive mechanic to encourage people to buy ApeCoin. To drive Trading Volume, I created a hook in which the user can earn special AI-generated NFTs, when he buys defined amount of ApeCoin through the pool.... Show more
  • Dynamic Fees based on Volatility and Order Size

    Dynamic Fees based on Volatility and Order Size
    Impermanent Loss Protection using Dynamic Fees based on Market Volatility... Show more
  • Dynamic AMM Fees

    Dynamic AMM Fees
    Impermanent Loss Protection using Dynamic Fees based on Market Volatility... Show more
  • PG ID

    PG ID
    a personalized Smart Account that rewards Public Goods contributions with onchain perks such as fee discounts from DeFi dApps... Show more
  • Apeful

    Creating user incentives on Uniswap V4 pools by automatically generating AI-based NFTs when the user does specific action with ApeCoins, everything completely onchain.... Show more
  • Royalty Swap

    Royalty Swap
    A Uniswap V4 Hook with an Axiom ZK integration to enable VIP swap fees for high volume swappers... Show more
  • Athoos

    Athoos introduces a trustless, permissionless trust-scoring system for crypto wallets without KYC, featuring wallet scoring, trust-based pool creation, and score-conditional swapping... Show more
  • SuckerPunch

    A dynamic fee hook, which adjusts fees based on how long you've been a holder. With added punishment for Sandwich Makers... Show more
  • TokenTown

    A parody of Monopoly that takes place in a fictional decentralized utopia!... Show more
  • 0xEstate

    Transforming real estate investment! 🏘️ 0xEstate introduces fractional ownership through blockchain. Trade real estate tokens easily, ensuring transparency and liquidity. Welcome to the future of investing! #RealEstate #Blockchain... Show more
  • Stablepoint

    Unified and direct stable asset "restaking" protocol enabling decentralized applications. ... Show more